[18+] I Love Your Misery

I Love Your Misery. Gorgeous, super-endowed voluptuous Shelly takes out all of her aggression on the sexy, curvaceous but smaller Francesca.. There is nothing but fierce action in this awesome big v. small encounter–intense wrestling, super head scissors, wedgies, kicking, lifts, carries, choking, suffocating breast smothers, muscle worship and more.. As the action heats up, it’s on to hair pulling and feet in the crotch, making the smaller Francesca plead and cry.. Gleefully declaring, “I love your misery,” the cruel victor viciously mauls her victim’s pussy, smothers her into semi-consciousness with her humongous boobs and gives her an inescapable arm bar and hand over mouth smother. She then jumps up and down on her prone body, kicks her and cruelly and painful stands on her victim’s hair.. She then applies a harsh Boston Crab and taunts her with “You’re all locked up and I’ve got the keys.” There’s yet more domination to come when the incredible Shelly viciously mauls even more pussy, lifts and carries her victim and puts her battered head between her awesome boobs.. More suffocating face sitting and Francesca is distraught, destroyed, and barely alive. A terrific video treat..