[18+] Inside Marie's Play Place 4

Inside Marie’s Play Place 4. 2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Original Song.. 2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Pro-Am Series.. Welcome back to another hilarious, odd-ball adventure inside the hottest Play Ground on the Planet, Inside Marie’s Play Place! In this installment, pint-sized special guest Stella Marie shows up with news that The Studio is demanding a public apology from Mark to stop Protesters from picketing Affiliates over Doll Porn and catches the eye of Marie Madison who wonders aloud if she could ever get down with a Midget.. Meanwhile, Rodney from the Mail Room starts his own line and has already called ‘Dibs’ on Stella. Mark seeks Rachel’s advice and ends up finding out exactly how many ‘Positions’ she has on the matter but as it turns out, Stella has a few plans of her own. Does Mark ever apologize for Doll Porn? Who ends up getting down with The Midget? With more hot sex and hilarious high jinks from Marie Madison and Play Place Exclusive Rachel Lynn Porter, this might just be the hottest Series yet!.